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We are a wholesale and custom rainwear manufacturer in China; at our rain jacket manufacturing company, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about getting wet. That’s why we make high-quality rain jackets designed to keep you dry no matter what the weather is like.

custom rainwear China manufacturer

Get Wearce Rainwear Delight Your Customers

Wearce is the perfect outdoor jackets manufacturer for your business. We provide top-quality rain clothes that will delight your customers. With our rain clothes, you can rest assured that your customers will stay dry and comfortable in any weather.

We also have a variety of styles and colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect rain coats for your business. In addition, we provide competitive prices and fast shipping so that you can get your rain apparel as soon as possible.

When you choose Wearce rain apparel, you can be confident that you are getting the best rain clothing available on the market. Contact us today to learn more about our rain clothing and how we can help your business succeed.

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We are a rain coats manufacturer in China that offers a wide range of rain gear products. Our products include rain jackets, rain pants, rain suits, and raincoats. And our team can work with you to create a custom rain apparel solution that meets your specific needs.

We provide a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from. Our rain coats is made from good materials and keeps you dry and comfortable in all conditions. We also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products.

rain jackets

Rain jackets typically have a hood to help keep the wearer’s head dry and may include features such as a front zip closure and pockets. The jackets are available in various styles, from lightweight rain shells to heavier-duty parkas. Here at Wearce Rain Jackets, we are a leading rain jacket manufacturer. We offer various rain jackets for both men and women, in various styles and colors.

rain pants

rain pants

Rain pants usually have an elastic waistband and cuffs and may also include zippers or drawstrings for adjusting the fit.Meanwhile, they typically often have taped seams to further prevent moisture from seeping through. Here at Wearce rain pants manufacturer, we have a wide selection of rain pants to suit your needs.
rain suits

rain suits

Our rain suits are made from premium materials and are available in various sizes to ensure a comfortable fit. We have you covered whether you need a rain wear suit for work or play. The suits are suitable for construction workers, cleaners, and other occupations that require them to work outdoors in wet weather.
rain poncho

A rain poncho is a versatile protective garment that keeps individuals dry during rainy conditions. Characterized by its loose-fitting structure and draped design, it offers swift coverage against sudden downpours. The rain poncho are suitable for skiing and cycling. We pride ourselves on providing a diverse range of ponchos meticulously designed for various activities.

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We generally use synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester to manufacture rainwear. These fabrics are lightweight, waterproof, and breathable, making them ideal for use in wet weather. However, some rain jackets are also made from natural materials such as wool or cotton. When choosing a rain jacket, it is important to consider the type of weather you will be using it in. For most people, a synthetic rain jacket will offer the best combination of comfort, durability, and price.

PVC is notable for its durability, chemical resistance, and flexibility. It can be made softer and more flexible by adding plasticizers, making it ideal for rainwear.

At our company, we use PVC to make high-quality rainwear that is both durable and stylish. Our rainwear is available in various colors and designs, and it is perfect for keeping you dry during a downpour.

Rubber has many useful properties, including its elasticity and water-resistant qualities. These properties make it an ideal material for rainwear, as it can help to keep people dry and comfortable in wet weather.

Rubber rainwear is available in various styles, from traditional coats and trousers to more modern designs. It is also relatively easy to care for, as rubber is durable and can withstand repeated washings.

Oxford is a type of fabric characterized by its woven pattern of small geometric shapes.

It is typically made from cotton or linen and can also be found in various synthetic blends.

We produce oxford rainwear to protect you from the elements.

Nylon is a synthetic polyamide fabric. It is strong and durable, making it an ideal fabric for rainwear.

It is also lightweight and quick-drying, which makes it ideal for sportswear.

We produce nylon rainwear in a variety of styles, including jackets, pants, and coats

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hi-vis rainwear and reflective rainwear

Reflective rainwear is a type of clothing specifically designed to keep the wearer dry and visible in rainy weather. The fabric is usually a waterproof material, such as nylon or polyester, and is coated with a reflective material, such as aluminum. They usually comes in bright colors, such as yellow or orange. So the wearer can be easily seen by other people in low-light conditions.

At Wearce company, we are proud to manufacture some of the best hi-vis workwear on the market. We use good materials to make our products. The jackets feature reflective strips that will increase your visibility in any weather.

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Waterproof and highly breathable, rainwear is essential for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, whether they’re hiking, camping, or simply commuting to work. There are many different applications for rain clothes, and the type you need will depend on the activity you plan to do in the rain.

At Wearce, we specialize in high-quality golf rainwear. Our garments keep you dry and comfortable in the worst weather conditions, whether you’re playing golf or just enjoying a walk in the park.

Our golf rainwear is waterproof and breathable. It also features taped seams and a hood to keep you dry from head to toe. In addition, our rainwear is lightweight and packable, so it’s easy to take with you wherever you go.

At Wearce, we’ve designed a line of cycling rainwear that is stylish and functional.

Our material is lightweight, waterproof, that breathes, so you won’t have to worry about overheating on those long rides.

And, thanks to our reflective detailing, you’ll be visible to other cyclists and drivers even in low-light conditions.

Best of all, you can easily pack our cycling rainwear into its pouch, so you can always have it on hand for when the weather takes a turn.

Whether an occasional cyclist or an avid rider, our cycling rainwear will help you stay dry and comfortable on the road.

Fishing rainwear usually comes in a bright color so that the person wearing it can be easily seen by other people. It also has reflective strips that help make the person visible in low-light conditions.

We produce fishing rainwear that is of high quality and affordable. Our rainwear is available in different sizes so that it can fit different body types.

We provide high-quality, durable rain gear. Our hunting rainwear is designed for hunter safety and functionality. It features waterproof and breathable fabric, taped seams, and large pockets for storage.

how do we produce rainwear

We know that it’s essential to be as transparent with our customers as possible. We have an entire production process and strict quality control! Here’s what you’ll see:

fabric produce

Purchase Fabric from our supplier

First, we only purchase fabric from reputable suppliers. They can provide us with good materials.

dying color

Dying the color as client's order

Second, we dye according to clients’ requirements. We use only good dyes to ensure that the color is consistent and long-lasting.

fabric cutting

Fabric cutting

The fabric is then cut to the size and shape that the client specifies. We use advanced cutting machines to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
fabric sewing

Fabric sewing

Our workers can enhance the abrasion resistance of jackets by high frequency sealed seams for maximum strength. We pay attention to every detail to ensure that the coat is the highest quality.
clothing ironing

clothing Ironing

After the jacket is sewn, it is sent to our ironing department. The coat is pressed and steamed to remove any wrinkles. After ironing, it is ready to be shipped to the client.

Check and packing

Our team of experts inspects the jacket to ensure that it meets our high standards. If the coat passes inspection, it is packed and shipped to the client. We take care to package the jacket to arrive safe and sound.

How Do We Control The Quality Of Waterproof rain jackets?

In order to ensure the quality of our waterproof rain jackets, we use many different techniques. First, we use a high-quality waterproof coating designed to withstand heavy rains. This coating is applied to the jacket’s outer shell, and it helps keep the water from seeping through.

In addition, we use sealed seams and special zippers that are also designed to be waterproof. Finally, we test each jacket extensively before we send it out to our customers. It ensures that our jackets keep you dry no matter how hard the rain falls.

With these quality control measures in place, you can be confident that your jacket will keep you dry and comfortable no matter what the weather has in store.

Why choose us for your rainwear and raincoats?

When it comes to rain coats, there are a lot of options out there. But if you’re looking for a rainwear manufacturer that can provide good products and great customer service, then you need to checkout Wearce.

We’re a leading custom rainwear manufacturer in China, providing our customers with the best possible products and services. We have a wide range of rain garments products, including rain jackets, rain pants, rain suits, and raincoats. And our team can work with you to create a custom rainwear solution that meets your specific needs.

Professional customization

We also provide professional customization services to ensure that your raincoat is exactly what you want it to be. We can customize the color, size, and print the logo.

Fast production time

As a professional raincoat manufacturer, we have a team of experienced workers and advanced machines. So we can finish the production quickly and deliver the goods to you as soon as possible.

Better price

Our raincoats are also very affordable, so you can stay dry without breaking the bank.Our jackets are made from breathable, waterproof fabric that will keep you dry in even the heaviest downpour. And you can last time with it.

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We are a professional rain clothing China manufacturer, and we have more than 10 years rain clothes produce experience. Products include rain jackets, rain pants, and suits for men and women and work pants, work uniforms, and lab coats. In conclusion, if you want wholesale and custom rain apparel, Wearce is a good choice.

Rainwear FAQs

We know that there are many types of rainwear in the market. We’ve also learned that there’s a lot of mixed information online about rain jacket.

So here are some of the most common questions we answer for our customers. It helps you quickly understand rain clothing.

There are many reasons to consider purchasing wholesale and custom raincoats from China.

For one, the country has a long history of manufacturing high-quality outerwear and garments.

Additionally, Chinese manufacturers have a reputation for producing large orders quickly and efficiently.

And finally, Chinese raincoats are typically very affordable compared to similar products from other countries.

If you’re looking for a quality product at a great price, then purchasing wholesale and custom raincoats from China is a wise choice.

PVC raincoats are a raincoat made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC.

In generall, pvc is a synthetic plastic polymer that is durable, waterproof, and relatively inexpensive to produce.

The pvc raincoats are often used as workwear or protective gear for outdoor activities.

They are also popular with children because they are brightly colored and easy to clean.

As a result, PVC raincoats have become one of the most popular types of raincoats on the market.

At our company, we manufacture PVC raincoats that are both stylish and functional.

Our coats are available in various colors and sizes, and we use only the highest quality PVC to ensure that our products are durable and long-lasting.

We have the perfect coat for you, whether you need a PVC raincoat for work or play.

Ponchos are a type of rainwear that consist of a large sheet of waterproof material with a hole in the center for the head.

Their materials are generally nylon or PVC and can be either disposable or reusable.

People usually wear ponchos over other clothes to keep them dry.

In addition, ponchos typically has a hood, which helps to keep the head and face dry.

Some ponchos also have pockets, which can be used to store small items.

Ponchos are available in a variety of colors and styles at our company.

Running rainwear is a type of outerwear specifically designed to protect runners from the elements, typically inclement weather conditions like rain or snow.

Most of them is made from a waterproof and breathable fabric. It helps keep the runner dry and comfortable while allowing the body to regulate its temperature.

In addition, many running rain garments are equipped with reflective strips or bright colors to help increase visibility in low-light conditions.

While not everyone enjoys running in the rain, having the proper gear can make it a much more enjoyable experience.

With the right running rainwear, you can head out for a run no matter what the weather forecast says.

Motorcycle rainwear is a garment to protect motorcycle riders from bad weather conditions like rain.

This gear keeps the rider dry, comfortable, and safe while riding in the rain.

Motorcycle rain gear usually comes with reflective strips that help increase the rider’s visibility in low light conditions.

We produce high-quality motorcycle rain gear that provides good protection to the rider in bad weather conditions.

Our products are made with waterproof, breathable, and reflective materials. We also offer a wide range of sizes to choose the one that fits you well.

Get Our rain coats To Empower Your Brand!

Whether hiking in the mountains or walking around town, our raincoat will protect you from the elements. And because we use only the best materials, you can be sure your rain jacket will last for years. So if you’re looking for rainwear that keeps you dry and comfortable, come to our company and see what we offer. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.