How Do I Choose A Cycling Jersey

Do you feel confused when choosing cycling clothes? From the materials it's made from to the fit, there are a lot of factors to consider. In this blog post, we'll go over some of the most critical factors and give our advice from a professional point of view to consider when selecting a cycling jersey. So, keep reading if you're in the market for a new jersey!
how do i choose a cycling jersey

Types Of Cycling Jerseys

Let’s start with the types we need. Cycling jerseys come in various styles, each designed for a specific type of cycling. The most common types are the following two:

Road cycling jerseys

Road cycling jerseys are the most form-fitting and aerodynamic, making them ideal for racing.

They often have three rear pockets for carrying food and other essentials, and some even have zipper vents to help keep riders cool.

Mountain biking jerseys

Mountain biking jerseys are looser and more durable, as they must withstand more wear and tear from rough terrain.

They typically have longer sleeves than road cycling jerseys and may include zip-off sleeves and reflective details.

No matter what type of cycling you’re doing, there’s a jersey out there that’s perfect for you.


It would help if you were comfortable with your clothes while cycling.

The fitting cycling jersey will help wick away sweat, keep you cool, and not get in the way as you pedal.

But with all the different fabrics on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose.

Here is a quick guide to some of the most popular fabrics used in cycling jerseys:

  • Polyester is a popular choice for cycling jerseys because it is lightweight and breathable. It also has the advantage of quick drying, which is ideal if you tend to sweat a lot when you ride. However, polyester can sometimes feel uncomfortable next to the skin, and it is not as durable as some other fabrics.
  • Merino wool is another popular choice for cycling jerseys. It is a natural fabric that is breathable and moisture-wicking, making it ideal for hot summer rides. Merino wool is softer than polyester, making it more comfortable to wear. However, it is not as quick-drying as synthetic fabrics, so you may need to air it out after each ride.
  • Lycra is a synthetic fabric that is often used in racing jerseys. It is incredibly stretchy and form-fitting, making it aerodynamic and perfect for high-performance riding. However, Lycra can be less comfortable than other fabrics, and it doesn’t always hold its shape well over time.

Choosing the suitable fabric for your cycling jersey depends on your preferences and riding style.

If you are looking for a jersey that will keep you cool and dry on long rides, polyester or merino wool might be the best choice.

If you are looking for a form-fitting jersey that will help you shave off seconds on your race times, Lycra might be the way to go.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which fabric will help you ride your best.

Size And Fit

Regarding finding the perfect cycling jersey, size and fit are the two most important factors .

After all, you want a jersey that is comfortable to wear and won’t hinder your performance on the bike.

Luckily, there are a few easy ways to find a jersey that fits well.

  •  look at the sizing chart for the specific brand of jersey you’re interested in. This will give you a good idea of what size to order.
  • try the jersey before buying it if you have the opportunity. This way, you can ensure it’s comfortable and doesn’t restrict your movement.
  •  pay attention to the return policy if you need to exchange the jersey for a different size.

With careful planning, you can be sure to find a cycling jersey that fits great and looks great, too.


Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind when choosing a cycling jersey:

The fabric should be lightweight and breathable. Look for jerseys made from polyester or other synthetic materials. Avoid cotton, which tends to hold onto moisture and can cause chafing.

 The fit should be close but not restrictive. You should be able to move freely on the bike, but the jersey shouldn’t be so loose that it flaps in the wind or catches on branches.

The pockets should be positioned so you can easily reach them while riding. Most jerseys have two rear pockets, perfect for storing snacks or a small pump. Some also have a zippered pocket for valuables such as your ID or credit card.

The zipper should be easy to operate with one hand. A Full Zip jersey will allow you to ventilate more on hot days, while a Half Zip is more versatile and can be worn in cooler weather.


Cyclists need to wear the appropriate cycling jerseys to enjoy their rides.

The good jerseys will help them stay comfortable and dry while protecting them from the sun and wind.

There are a few things to consider when choosing cycling jerseys, such as the material, fit, and style.

If you want to know more about it to choose better cycling jerseys, you can even learn how cycling jerseys are designed.

Considering the factors above, you can narrow your options and find the perfect jerseys for your rides.


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